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Sports and Statistics management Case Study

About the Client

Client is the professional football’s global leader in the provision of scouting, recruitment, player administration and management solutions.

Working with 75% of English Premier League Clubs and more than 50% of Clubs in the top Leagues of France,
Germany, Netherlands and Spain, Client provides an intelligent framework for a successful blend of subjective
scouting assessment, objective data and video analysis.

The Challenge

The project was initiated to map the high expectations and vision of a premier web application into reality. The Application needed to have unbreakable security with explicit design model featuring easy to use user interface

Key challenges included :

  • Explicit design model was needed with easy to use UI
  • Data must only be available to authorized subscriber
  • Integration of all the already available apps and data center’s with new application
  • Content must be non- searchable. Non availability of secured content on
  • public search engines
  • Secure data handling, maintenance and implementation
  • Sharing of data, details among all niche platforms
  • Testing of application to be done with dummy data, unavailability of live stats as per security concerns
  • Data needs to be available in widgets, which needs to be available as per subscription basis

The Solution

The Following solutions were incorporated to fulfill the need and requirement of the client.

Some of the key solutions are:
Search capability : To uphold the data security, content was made non searchable for public search engine. Only Authorized personal could feed and see data.

Security : Highest security parameters followed to ensure no breach in security. System has been developed in widget application model, letting subscribers enjoy the private data as per widget subscribed.

Integration of already present application and data center’s : New Web application has been integrated to share data, login details with all the already present apps and data centers. Login into new application enables access to all other apps also.

Subscription Model : Users have been maintained, managed and data widgets have been provided to them as per their subscription. Only the functionalities have been designed into widgets.

Testing of Application : Unavailability of live data to test application guided us to develop high level of understanding of the projects concept, to ensure applicability of the system performance with the client.

The Value

The client is now able to provide broad range of technological expertise as well as first-hand experience of player recruitment and development from across the professional sports industry. Client now helps subscribers organize and access their data to allow them to do what they do best – focus on the sports.

Intelligent system, intuitive solutions with aim to provide scalable support, explicit design models as per client’s requirements