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Mobile Solutions – Use our Mobile Solutions to Your Business Advantage

Reach out to your audience with a broader spectrum with easy to use mobile solutions across platforms. Our team of digital experts, with their extensive knowledge and experience in mobile app development, give you the best possible solutions.
Our visual mobile analytics tools provide visual reports, allowing you to dig deeper into user behavior and experience

Mobility is the buzz word with smartphones/ tabs being quintessential in today’s world. We at iWiz offer you not just easily deployable mobile solutions but applications that are –

User-friendlyTechnologically superiorAiding you to your strategic decision making

Our extensive experience in understanding customer requirements and pairing them up with the current technological trends while keeping an eye on the future developments is what makes our mobile solutions survive well in the future irrespective of the developments.

We offer end-to-end solutions, as we leverage the opportunities while mitigating the challenges of going mobile so as to build a Mobile Solution that is dynamic, cost effective, high quality and robust.

At iWiz, we offer Solution capabilities for Android 2.2+ and iOS 7+ using latest tools, such as IDE – Xcode 7 and Android Studio. Our highly experienced team are equipped with effective coding skills in multiple languages – Obj. C, Swift, JAVA optimally utilizes the best and latest trends using CoreData, Autolayout, Storyboard and other relevant tools to create customised, stunning and effective mobile solutions.

  • Heavily integrated map usage
  • Capability to navigate, track and guide you to destinations
  • Search nearby places, tag them, set a reminder
  • Simple UI – Extensive capabilities
  • Offline access capability to application
  • Cloud based app solutions
  • Push notification capabilities
  • Embedding of features such as In – App purchases
  • Extensive search capabilities within the apps
  • Social Networking integration
  • Expertise in Utility Apps creation
  • Manoeuvring of standalone segment of mobile to represent statistical analysis of its usage
  • Audio – Video streaming capabilities
  • Document scanning capability with assurance of follow up of specifications by size and clarity