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Restaurant Management Case Study

About the Client

The Client is a Canada based gourmet marketplace, serving fresh produce, deli items, and grocery items and freshly prepared take-out food. Offering European atmosphere, the client has sophisticated operational systems, high quality standards, is committed to a fast and friendly service and to be an attractive choice for Canadians.

The Challenge

In late 2007 the client had multiple locations and was a growing gourmet shop with outdated technology that had scarcely been updated. With an established vision of increasing operational efficiencies, and quality of processed and non processed food, the client wanted to develop a web application to serve the quality needs of the continuously changing and moving lives of the hungry Canadians and also act as collaborative tool for head office, branch office and franchisees.

Restaurant – Franchisee, order and Customer Management System

Key challenges included :

  • The client’s annual closing cycle usually took about a month to complete and before closing out each month, all reports had to be saved into files for review.
  • All of client’s systems from purchasing to receiving payments were manual.
  • To make things worse, only one person in the company knew how to fix the DOS system when it went down, and he only worked three days a week
  • Lack of real time reporting for all franchisees and self owned outlets.
  • Client motivation was missing as the client had to call in and ask for the menu.
  • Order and customer tracking was a challenge and was resulting in lost regular customers.

Technologies Used :

  • ASP 3.0
  • VBScript as scripting
  • JavaScript
  • MS SQL Server 2000
  • Visual Studio 6.0

The Solution

Based on the project specifications, 3 resources were deployed on the development for a period of 7 months including a team leader and 2 developers.

The Value

  • A stunning front end site design that suits the European eye
  • Easy Customer management, order management, loyalty management and points appraisal
  • Site Hierarchy and rights management
  • Content Management
  • Tracking of orders in real time
  • Back office management including invoicing, reconciliation, fast moving items, customer loyalty, Business Intelligence dashboard, loyalty management.

Our basic customer and order management system was running on DOS and Excel spreadsheets. Because of the unreliable and ever-changing information in the system, everything had to be checked and rechecked before distribution could take place. The Difference between the old and the new system is night and day. Thanks you iBoss for all the support.

– Restaurant Consultant