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Publishing Case Study

Performance driven optimized solutions to support and serve your end-to-end publishing requirements

The Challenge

The new project was required to convert legacy data into universal format such as XML/HTML so that it can be rendered into other digital platforms.

The converted data must comply and adhere to all standards, and must be easily searchable.

Key challenges included :

  • Segregation of data to be based on master list
  • Ability to edit and update existing data with complete edit log maintenance
  • Addition of child, parent associative relationship to any document desired
  • Multiple quality check points to ensure complete quality adherence
  • Work flow management to consist of 6 status with each being monitored and managed diligently
  • Discreet Version control capability
  • Ability to view authorized document at dashboard

The Solution

The Following solutions were incorporated to fulfill the need and requirement of the client.

Some of the key solutions are:

Work flow Management : Descriptive work flow management to incorporate all different life cycles of the content managing quality check points to ensure proper flow of process.

Tested and Validated Content : Tested and Validated content gets saved on the database. The content goes thorough quality test for review.

Extensive Search Facility : All the content present in CMS is searchable to authorized user only. The content is displayed only the user authorized users.

Master list segregation : Data is divided into system defined master list to enable better listing and arrangement of documents.

Version Control : Version of each and every document is maintained with full event log to identify the approver and editor.

The Value

The client is able to manage huge amount of content with ease. The content is generated into XML/HTML format which can be easily formatted and displayed
on any digital platforms of choice. With quality in control, Client is able to perform more efficiently and effectively.