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Product Market Identification Case Study

About the Client

The organization works towards the promotion and development of the SMEs sector in India and provides continuous support to this sector by carrying out activities such as Training Programmes, provision of Business Intelligence services through a Databank and acting as a catalyst for Interfacing with other concerned and associated institutions of external trade. It reinforces basic philosophy of integrating research and training for the benefit of the SMEs with a special focus on Internationalization of SMEs

The Challenge

The identification of exportable products along with its markets had to be chalked out in the most user friendly manner for the state, which would help the prospective exporters from the state in near future, to select markets for their products, effectively and profitably.

The key factors to target market selection: segment size and growth, and segment structural attractiveness, were too difficult to understand and was limited to raw data

Decision support application for export market selection and the identification

Key challenges included :

The following manual process was very cumbersome and used to involve days and sometimes months.

  • Identification of the HS Code (Harmonized code system)
  • Trend Analysis of Exports
  • Revealed Comparative advantage
  • Trend Analysis of Markets and market fluctuations
  • Understanding trade complimentarily between the markets
  • Understand export competitiveness of the state in the Identified Market
  • Other interoperability problems associated with the sharing of documents and data, due to differences in computer platforms

Technologies Used :

  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • VB.NET as language
  • Win Forms
  • XML and AJAX
  • Chart Controls
  • VS 2005

The Solution

The application was developed using the following technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
  • VB.Net as the object-oriented programming language
  • XML as data storage, maintaining hierarchy and serving charts
  • .Net chart controls

Based on the project specifications, 2 resources were deployed on the development for a period of 6 months including a technical architect, who prepared the technical specifications and a senior developer with expertise in .Net technology.

The Value

  • Agri-products for export from the state can be selected at ease
  • Competitiveness for small and medium-sized firms has increased
  • Lower costs, through better trade facilitation and training to the bottom-line
  • External trade from the state is greater and more effective.

There is nothing much to say, The team has been very helpful, despite the delays in providing you with the data, you have kept up to our expectations. Thank you iBoss.

– Senior Consultant Organization,