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Localitas Real Estate Portal Case Study

About the Client

The client is a UK based software solution company that offers one-stop solution for the realty market under the brand of Homes and Living (H&L). They are in business of automating and collaborating various aspects of realty sector through IT enablement and web based application.

The Challenge

The Homes & Living (H&L) business is to provide a hosted and managed application to estate agents to enable them to market their property portfolio (For sale or To let) through an easy to use, consumer facing web site or a branded version of the same called a “Kiosk” to be used solely by the estate agent as a sales tool. The consumer brand will be marketed in a specific “Area” and a web site for that area will be accessible to consumers in that area. The H&L consumer brand will be established in each local area with estate agents being invited to market their property portfolios on the site for a fixed monthly fee. There will be no charge to consumers for use of the service.

Localitas-Real Estate Portal on Google Technology

Key challenges included :

  • Lack of insight and information towards real estate customer segmentation and profiling.
  • Lack of impressive and effective properties portfolio to showcase.
  • Difficulty in managing supply chain management and properties tracking.
  • Lack of tracking of nearby hospitals, schools, police station etc for the listed properties.

Technologies Used :

  • Tomcat
  • XML
  • J2EE/ Struts
  • DWR and Java Script
  • Hibernate
  • Netbeans IDE
  • PostgreSQL

The Solution

Application provides Agents Kiosk Model option to design the front end layout and import/ add properties under their brand name with location of head offices, branch office and local office. Under this model, the full functionality of the consumer site is available, but only the properties of the specific agent and its branch offices will be shown.

  • The consumer site for each local area will have easy search facilities (including latitude, longitude, distance from Tube, Hospitals, falling under budget range etc) using a combination of Google ™ maps and textual database searches to zoom in and locate the area they wish to live.
  • Once the consumer has found the area they wish to live, properties will be displayed on the map up to a maximum of say 100 at any one time.
  • The user can click to see summary details of the property in a pop-up on the map.
  • 6 resources were deployed on the project development including Team Leader, DBA, QA and developers with expertise in .Net, Google Maps and MS SQL 2005. The project was started in beginning of 2006 and was completed in 7 months time frame.

The Value

  • Allows estate agents to identify trends and patterns in tenant behavior as well as the interdependencies between tenant profiles with anti-social behavior, voids, arrears etc.
  • Improved Customer Insight including customer segmentation and profiling (both demographic and behavioral) enables estate agents to provide a better, more tailored and cost-effective service.

I haven’t worked with a team that is so enthusiastic and willing to learn new paradigms of businesses. Your team has got us a long way forward on technology.

– Managing Director,