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Enterprise Customer & Contract Management Case Study

About the Client

The client is a USA based organization and is the leading provider of extended service plans, buyer protection programs and product
support for retailers, financial service companies and wireless carriers.

The Challenge

The client wanted to re-engineer the existing CRM portal featured with product registration, consumer surveys, Extended Service Contracts, E-commerce sales channels, Rebate program management, warranty claims processing, warehousing and distribution services developed in Oracle, Oracle Financial Portal and Power tier as a middle layer. The product was required to be re-engineered to an open source platform and at the same time required to provide performance comparative to Oracle database which in itself was a major challenge.

Enterprises Customer and Contract Management TPA

Key challenges included :

  • No technical and functional documentation was available with the client for the CRM reengineering
  • Migration of Oracle database and Oracle Portal to Open Source Portal database and Portal Technology
  • keeping up the same performance
  • Migration of Oracle database with database volume of 120 GB to open source database keeping up the same performance
  • Reverse Engineering of Power tier component with 1 million lines of code to open source middle tier Solution

Technologies Used :

  • Tomcat
  • XML
  • J2EE/ Struts
  • DWR and Java Script
  • Hibernate
  • Netbeans IDE
  • PostgreSQL

The Solution

The application was modified using the following technologies:

  • Tomcat as application server and jBoss Portal as reporting and integration server
  • Hibernate as middle tier
  • PostgreSQL RDBMS as an open source database

14 resources were deployed on the project development including Project Manager, Team Leader, DBA, Analyst and developers with expertise in Oracle, Java, hibernate and Postgres SQL. The project was started in late 2006 and was completed in 8 months time frame. Thereafter, the project went into support and enhancements.

The Value

  • Maintenance was reduced to more than one third
  • No Software Licenses costs as the solution was on open source

The contract was awarded for re-engineering of the enterprise CRM with complex features. The application was reengineered successfully by them and they have been handling all the activities right from development of the new specifications to post-product support phase very efficiently. Today, we rely on them for both critical and not critical requirements on the application, as well as annual maintenance requests.

– Chief Technical Officer